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The average person does not know what a salt water pool is or how a salt system for a pool works. It is important to note that there is no such thing as a salt water pool. A salt water system, on the other hand, is a chlorine generation system that is added to your new or existing pool to help clean the water through a chlorination process.

As a property owner looking to have an in-ground swimming pool installed or if you currently have a pool in your backyard you should consider having a salt water system installed. Having a salt water system can make a real difference in the quality of your pool water, and there are several other benefits for those who decide to go down this path.

More on Why Salt Water Pools are an Attractive Alternative!

How Do They Work? To gain a better understanding, without getting technical, it is best to look at how chlorine based systems work when compared to salt water pools or a salt water system in a pool.

A non-salt water based pool uses liquid chlorine to help clean the water. In this case the homeowner would purchase chlorine and manually pour the chlorine into the pool water system for filtration. In some chlorine based systems, the pool water is maintained by a pump which regulates chlorine output into the pool based on the waters pH levels.

With the salt water system, chlorine does not have to be handled. The salt system has a control box and a salt cell generator. As the water is pumped through the system, the salt in the water turns into hypochlorous acid. This is pushed into the water, and that generates chlorine to keep the water in its desired healthy state.

What are Some Benefits of Integrating a Salt Water Generator System.

1) Softer – The water is much softer on the skin and eyes.

2) Less Maintenance – For those that do not like cleaning their pool all the time or adding chlorine on a regular basis, a salt system is perfect. Because the water is softer it is easier on pool filtration equipment as well.

3) Safe To Swim In – Because the pool is kept in a healthier state, the water is always pleasant and ready to enjoy. Note: A salt water pool system does not eliminate the need for regular skimming and vacuuming.

4) Reliable – Salt water pools can easily handle the rigors of everyday swimming and are a proven system for keeping your pool functional.

Salt Water Systems are not for Every Pool.

A very popular pool type is the fiberglass swimming pool. A fiberglass pool is the optimal choice for a salt water pool system. This is primarily because of the way fiberglass interacts with the salt in the water. Salt water systems have very little impact on the fiberglass shell.

Because a salt water system is using the salt in the water, it can have adverse effects on concrete and most vinyl liner pools. These pool types can begin to decay and rust, which can lead to larger structural issues over time. Remember, the water is going to remain in contact with the wall material within the pool at all times, so ignoring this isn’t a good option.

What Equipment is Needed?

In most circumstances a salt water system is going to come as one component that will need to be installed on your pool. The two main components of a salt water system include:

Control Box – The first part of the salt system is its control box. This is going to make sure the right amount of water is being pushed through the system as it filters out. If not, the salt cell will not be able to do its job, and that can lead to a failed salt water pool.

Salt Cell – The second element of a salt system would be its salt cell. This is going to make sure the water being pumped through it is cleansed and turned into hypochlorous acid as needed. Without the salt cell, your salt system is not going to work as advertised.

As an early adopter of salt water systems, the team at Luxecare Pool and Spa Services and Supplies has installed many salt water generation systems and has the experience necessary to ensure you get the best salt system product for your pool. Contact us today and learn more about how a salt water system can benefit you.




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