Want A Healthy Swimming Pool? The Importance Of Regular Pool Water Testing.

Once you have a swimming pool, it is recommended that you have your pool water tested regularly to avoid unhealthy water problems. Although we try to educate our pool customers on the importance of this, not all pool owners may understand the important nature of testing your pool water. Here are some considerations to think about.

Regulate Your Waters pH Levels

How do you know if your pH levels are within healthy pool norms? Water that is too acidic can have a negative impact on skin and cause dangerous skin related irritations. If the water is too basic, it may irritate the eyes and have other annoying effects to those swimming in the water. Regular testing ensures that your pool water is good to go. Eye, skin, breathing and other irritations can all result from unhealthy pool water.

Unhealthy Pool Water Can Damage Your Pool Equipment

In-ground swimming pool water that isn’t properly maintained can have damaging effects on pool equipment such as filtration systems and pumps, as well as the pool construction material. Vinyl, concrete and fiberglass swimming pools can be damaged from not properly maintaining your pools water pH levels.

Keep Your Water Sanitized

Being consistent with your water testing helps ensure you have clean and sanitized water. Swimming pools can be exposed to many forms of debris, dirt and grime from nearby trees and other sources. If the water is not maintained properly, it will eventually build up and create an unsafe pool water environment. With regular pool water testing you can ensure that your pool water is safe to enjoy because it helps determine whether the water is safe to swim in.

Pool water testing is also critical because it helps the water and chlorine to remain non-toxic from external environmental conditions. If the proper chemical levels are not properly maintained, the chlorine can become unhealthy to the skin, eyes and internals if swallowed by swimmers in the water.

Know What Is Wrong Before You Add More Chemicals

Without proper water testing, any kind of chemical treatment would be guesswork. This approach can have damaging effects on the pool. Once your swimming pool water has been tested, then you can go ahead and regulate the pH by treating the water with the proper chemicals. You should never add pool chemicals for the sake of adding them.

Swimming pool water should always be clear in normal daylight conditions. If the water appears discolored it means that there is something unhealthy with the water and it should be tested. Regular water testing will help you determine the problem so you can fix the issue yourself or have one of our pool professionals come onsite to regain your pools healthy look and crystal clear appearance for you.

Pool Water Testing Options

With a multitude of testing options out there, you can purchase a testing kit yourself and test your pools pH on your own. Most test kits are easy to use and come with instructions on how to use them correctly, so you should have no trouble. There are many different pool types and sizes so be sure you get the right pool water testing kit for your pool.

If you are have problems understanding the results of your water test, you can always visit our new retail location where we offer the most advanced water testing station in the Rockford region. Our team of professionals can help you interpret the results and provide a solution. If you are unsure whether the chemical levels in your pool are balancing correctly, it is always advisable to seek one of our professionals for assistance to determine any possible issues you may have with your pool equipment.




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